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When it comes to digital marketing, success relies on personalization—users no longer have the patience for ads that aren’t relevant to them. But, with loads of new users coming to your page daily, how can you possibly serve each and every one of them with a custom-tailored ad experience? Well, with TrackToAct’s VisiLeads service, you can do just that, and we’ve got TrackToAct co-founder Kevin McDonald here to give us an exclusive inside look at this great new service.

What is TrackToAct VisiLeads? Can you explain the name?

VisiLeads is about turning “visitors” into “leads,” hence the name. The name also plays off making visitors and leads “visible” and leading people towards a conversion goal.

As to the other question, VisiLeads is a way to identify who’s visiting your website in a way that Google Analytics doesn’t. Analytics may show what pages are viewed and how many times, but who’s actually viewing that content? What are they doing when they hit your landing pages? VisiLeads tracks that data and helps you identify ways to smooth the so-called funnel and increase conversion rates, whether that be getting visitors to fill out a form or getting leads to take further action with information you’ve given them.

How did VisiLeads come to be? Tell me a bit about the story.

Adam Karbasi and I started Vector Economics, which is now doing business as TrackToAct, about three years ago. We were commercializing a patented technology used in predictive analytics as well as developing risk analysis and management software. As we started following up with leads and tried to identify visitors, we recognized some inherent problems—we had no way of knowing who was interested in our product or where our leads were tapering off once they had requested a download of our software. We developed a tool that came to be VisiLeads in order to track our own visitors and to help determine where people were getting stuck with the software. Once we knew people’s pain points, we could provide assistance and, in turn, improve our current product and site. We started to share some of the information we were discovering through our tool with our Vector Economics clients and found that a demand existed for such a tool—more so than our risk software. Sensing that we had built-in demand made it easier to transition from focusing on that software to focusing on VisiLeads.

How does VisiLeads work?

The short answer is you install the VisiLeads Sensor on your website and let it go to work tracking visitors and filling out profiles that you can use with your existing email marketing or customer relationship management (CRM) tools. The long answer is that you install the sensor on your site. The VisiLeads technology goes to work, asks queries, and pools existing data to create as complete a profile as possible, which can be a visitor’s address, telephone number, social media profiles, and email address. That information is used to create the profiles you see when you log into your TrackToAct account, and it’s what is synchronized with either your email marketing platform or CRM. Once you’ve done that, you can personalize the content that visitor or lead sees when he or she visits your site. It isn’t an intrusive or “Big Brother” thing; VisiLeads creates a secondary “email” address for the profiles it builds. When that address is found visiting a certain page on your site or taking another specific action, it triggers the personalized content to appear.

Why is VisiLeads important? What’s in it for people who use it?

Some of my previous answers alluded to VisiLeads’ importance and benefits, but the main point of emphasis is creating a personalized experience so that a visitor or lead will take the next step. It’s about easing the sales funnel—or other funnels—and increasing the likelihood of conversions. It’s also about creating two-way communication. As I pointed out with the work Adam and I were doing at Vector, we used VisiLeads to identify when and where our existing customers stopped using the risk management software. We used that stopping point as a conversation starter and a way to be helpful to our customers as well as a way to fine-tune our software and the process for using it.

What can people do with VisiLeads data?

In addition to helping create the personalized experience, VisiLeads can also identify stumbling blocks with signup forms. VisiLeads customers can use that information to change their forms; they also can utilize the AutoSuggest feature—found with paid VisiLeads accounts—to further ease the signup form process. The idea, too, is to give VisiLeads customers the personalized data they need to make their businesses grow and succeed. They can’t do that if they don’t know who’s visiting their sites or what those people are doing once they’re on landing pages at the sites.

Who is VisiLeads for?

VisiLeads is ideal for small to mid-sized businesses, but that isn’t to say solopreneurs and large enterprises can’t use it. As we continue to train the VisiLeads technology and simplify the user experience, it’s more likely that smaller businesses will quickly be able to discover and convert more visitors into contacts. The scalability of TrackToAct VisiLeads helps us to meet the needs of large B2B enterprises as well as highly trafficked consumer sites.

Where do you see VisiLeads going in the future?

Since VisiLeads has been publicly available since April, I won’t make a huge prediction. We do see a growing interest in the tool by the increasing number of activated accounts. The needs and feedback from these customers will ultimately shape future releases but I will say this, visitor context is key to personalizing a user’s experience and getting people to take action that drives revenue. As the TrackToAct business grows we’ll enhance our distribution via partnerships in order to reach out to more businesses.

To learn more about TrackToAct and VisiLeads, visit their website at or contact Kevin personally, HERE.

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Murray Newlands is an online marketing industry veteran, and the founder of TheMail.

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Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands is an online marketing industry veteran, and the founder of TheMail.

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