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By: Richard Parker

SMS marketing is proving itself to be very effective in terms of a marketing tactic. It allows brands to get in touch with their customers and build a relationship with them. So what are the best ways to go about creating and maintaining a great campaign? Here are a few best practice tips.

Get Your Permission

One of the quickest ways to alienate your customers is to not pay attention to whether they have given you permission to contact them or not. It might seem like an inconvenience but unless you have their explicit permission to get in contact, you are actually spamming your customers. This is actually illegal and you could find yourself in a rather expensive mess so be sure to make it clear to your customers about how to opt in and out.

Timing Is Everything

Getting the timing of your messages right can be the difference between being considered intrusive or useful. If you persistently send messages outside of business hours, it could irritate your customers enough that they choose to opt out. Similarly, if you are sending too many messages, this can have the same effect. Some research has shown that the majority of customers only want two messages a month. Meanwhile, try and send messages out at times that will best benefit you campaign. For example, if you are promoting a dinner item, between three and five o’clock is an ideal time to send the message.

Keep It Relevant

One of the keys to a successful campaign is ensuring your content is relevant and will make the customer react. There is no point saying that you have a great deal on something and then not bothering to give your customers the chance to get actively involved in purchasing anything. The call to action is important to ensure your customers engage with the messages you’re sending. Similarly, the information needs to be timely so don’t bother telling them about a sale you’re having in three months time. Give them the details of something happening soon and don’t bore them with company news. Promotions and discounts are far more likely to keep the interest of your customers and get them spending money with you.

Simplicity Is Your Friend

If you keep your messages simple, you’re more likely to have success with them. A standard SMS message for marketing is 160 characters so try to keep within those boundaries. Get to the point quickly and communicate the message in as simple terms as possible. Ensure you have included a relevant link so your customers can follow your call to action. While it can be tempting, try to avoid using text lingo. It doesn’t look professional and it can be difficult to understand for customers who aren’t familiar with it.

Be Selective

Don’t automatically assume that you have to send all of your messages to all of your subscribers. Look at what your customers have said they are interested in hearing about and only send them the information that they will find useful. You may lose subscribers if you bombard them with a mixture of useful and unhelpful messages so be selective in what you send.

Richard Parker is an eminent columnist, a telecom engineer, and a broadband specialist.

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