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Kevin De Vincenzi is the CEO of Rapid Response Marketing, a successful network that serves advertisers and publishers with a wide variety of services. But when he isn’t running RRM, Kevin is offering up his own tips on his blog Recently, he shared his latest round of updates, and it was a post that we felt we had to share with TheMail readers. So without further ado, please enjoy Kevin’s expertise and insights from his latest “ClickFather Update.”

By: Kevin De Vincenzi, CEO, Rapid Response Marketing LLC 

Media Buying Tips! Got end of summer plans?

Understanding the time of the year and people’s patterns is integral to being a great media buyer. The reason a person can buy media better than a computer in my opinion, is that you can plainly think in common sense. There are some key factors most automated systems do not take into consideration.Changes in response rates could be based on:

  • Time of day
  • Day of the week
  • Weather
  • Current events

This week because of a certain thing that happened on the news we increased budgets on a campaign and also saw our organic results on a niche SKYROCKET. We could have never taken advantage of this is we just “set it and forgot it.”

Mobile Marketing


Being that mobile marketing is here to stay, and now virtually anyone can access DSP inventory, I have put together some new super Airpush tips. If you have not taken a look at recently you should as they have a new optimization tool that is just plain awesome.

Airpush Tips and tricks…

  • ALWAYS uncheck “other” in state or country selection. Do the same with handsets. If it is not a handset or country you know why bother
  • When targeting USA uncheck the 2 “armed forces” boxes unless your offer is targeted to people enlisted in the armed services. This can save you quite a bit of $$ on clicks.
  • Even though it is great to get a load of traffic quickly, be patient and just buy premium carriers and the handsets that fit your market properly. You have access to this data so use it. The buyer that just buys everything and then “drills down and finds winners” is a loser…use common sense and give yourself an advantage from the start.

I Ordered a Tesla!

A friend of mine that could literally buy any car he wanted ended up ordering a Tesla and loves it! So I decided to visit one of the Tesla stores and of course ordered one as well! It will be ready for pick up on Sept 7th I cannot wait. I ordered it in store and then got to change it online for up to 2 weeks while I played with different color combinations etc.Here is what it looks like after the customizations and options…


The reason I work for myself…FREEDOM!

This year my daughter Natalie and I worked out of the same home office (she’s now a Senior in High school) While I worked my normal 16-20 hrs a day she got to spend time with me while she studied.I am a huge NBA fan, so of course after watching many playoffs games with me she became a fan of the Spurs. When they made it to the finals, my wife decided to surprise us with tickets to game 5!


What an awesome experience! After the spurs won game 5 there were no riots, No looting (that I know of) instead the fans all go downtown in San Antonio and honk their horns in celebration. It went on till past 2 am what fun! Here is a video clip of it…

Buying Facebook Ads? Stop being lazy!

I have heard reports of people paying upwards of 50% of profit to companies to help them monetize Facebook ads. 3 words don’t do it! I understand wanting to maximize every dollar and “set it and forget it” but let me tell you in my vast experience optimizing by hand blows away any automation you can ever come up with. Over and over I have used tools and every time we switch back to manual we increase profits by a substantial amount. Also if these companies were so valuable why are none of them making money? Check this article that just came out on Business Insider.

ClickFather™ Insider Tip

Keep a diary of all your spends and don’t be lazy! Document by the hour, and after a week you will have an amazing roadmap not just for that deal but also for deals like it.Here is an excerpt from one of my media buying logs I keep on my iPhone.What this does is creates a real diary and road map of what to expect and also highlights any anomalies and opportunities, I have at times gone back to my log and uncovered gigantic trends I may have otherwise missed.


Going to Affilaite Summit?! 


Until next time,
The ClickFather™

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