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By: Corey Bornmann,

It’s that little box that drops down when you go to Bing or Google and start searching. Some people love it, some people hate it. But regardless of what they think about it, you can bank with it.

Improved User Experience or Commercial Intent, You Decide

Somewhere under the veil of “Improved User Experience” is where Suggested Search was born. If you take a closer look though, it’s pretty easy to see that big search could be leading you down a path to commercial keyword phrases by guiding you to their paid search listings. This leads to more impressions, more clicks, and ultimately more revenue for the company—it just makes sense.

Uses For Suggested Search

Regardless of the intention of suggestion, there’s loads of ways that you as an Internet marketer can capitalize on this wonderful little helper.

Suggested keywords can carry commercial value that is not easily measured without your own testing. The search engines won’t place a value on these keywords for you, so you have to do it yourself using your own campaigns.

Using Pay Per Click, it’s fairly quick and easy to test these keywords by putting them into a campaign and running some traffic at them to see how they perform. You can use tools to look up the impression counts, cost per click and other metrics but at the end of the day, it comes down to your own hard data. After all, the most reliable data there is, is the data you gather yourself.

Suggested search is also a great way to find interesting domain names. You may find an available domain for your next project using the following technique.

Scrape out a hundred or two hundred suggested keyword terms and paste them into the GoDaddy bulk domain name checker. I have found multiple great domain names for profitable Amazon campaigns using this technique over the years.

SEO’s can also use suggested search for page names and page level keywords to optimize their articles with. It’s also a great way to see what keyword phrases the search engines expect to see beside your primary keyword phrases which you can then incorporate into your articles as secondary keywords.

Gathering Suggestions

To gather suggested keyword phrases there’s really two ways to do it—manually, and by using tools like a Bing or Google Suggest Scraper.

Manually gathering keywords is a good solution for small, tightly focused groups where you don’t need more than a dozen or so keywords at a pop. Just open up your favorite search engine and a text file. Start searching your “seed” keyword, like “dating” and note what other keyword phrases populate in the suggest dropdown box.

You can greatly expand on your list by searching your seed keyword  and put an “a” behind it like “dating a” and recording the results. Then move to “dating b” and so on. It’s at this point where it becomes a little cumbersome and a good search suggest scraper tool can help you out greatly.

To gather suggested keywords in bulk, there’s AffPortal tools that fits the bill. Inside AffPortal you will find a new Bing Suggested Keywords scraper that quickly pulls high commercial value keywords from Bing Suggest.

Recently Bing rolled out their new Satori technology that attempts to understand the relationships between search entities and delivers slightly better results than Google Suggest in our testing.

For the Google purist there is a Google Suggest Scraper inside AffPortal as well as 18 other time-tested tools that can help you with research, banner ad building, and campaign building for most paid traffic sources.

Regardless of how you get your suggested keywords, the point is that you start paying attention to this little-used campaign building technique. Whether for PPC, SEO, or even PPV, using suggested keywords can help you get a little boost in your next online campaign.

We “suggest” you give it a shot!


Corey Bornmann is a veteran internet marketer and founder of AffPortal tools. AffPortal is premium set of internet marketing tools used by thousands of marketers worldwide since 2007.

To try the updated AffPortal 3 FREE for 14 days, go to for a free trial.

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