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By: Caitlyn Terrian

Text message mobile marketing is one of the most relevant and effective ways to market to an increasingly busy and mobile consumer. Finding the ideal way to reach the consumers you are looking to attract is critical for business success. Text message mobile marketing or SMS marketing reaches them where they are, no matter where that might be. Text message marketing works for a variety of reasons.

The Open Rate of Text Messages is Astonishing

While email marketing has a less than 25% open rate, text messages have a 98% open rate. This means that the text message you send is reaching its target and is being seen. Within minutes of receiving a text, it is typically opened. Your business’ text message marketing is giving you instant access to customers, and delivering the concise message you want to deliver. The brevity of the message also means that it is more likely to be read than a more wordy email or Facebook post.

Engagement Makes the Difference

SMS marketing is subject to laws regulating its use. That means, amongst other things, that consumers need to opt-in to receive text messages. While this may limit the number of people you are marketing to, it also means that the ones who are receiving your text messages are genuinely interested in what you offer.

Text messaging also gives you the flexibility to be interactive with your audience if you choose to be. You can create polls or ask questions, which will increase user engagement. When sending special offers, QR codes or coupons via SMS, you can also easily monitor the results of your efforts, as recipients have to show the message in order to receive the offer.

Text Messaging is Time Sensitive

Most people have their phones with them at all times. The savvy business can therefore market to them at the perfect time. For example, if you want to increase the number of customers who come to a restaurant for dinner, send a deal mid-afternoon when people are starting to think about what to have for dinner. If your business is having a slow day, a well crafted text message can give it a boost when it matters. Immediate results and easy measurability make text message marketing a hit.

The business with a text messaging program in place can quickly create and execute a text messaging campaign. The return on investment is excellent, considering the fact that it takes very little time and effort to create a 160 character or less message that will reach your customers at the precise time you choose. Text message marketing is truly a cost effective method of reaching your targeted audience.

While text messaging is fantastic for reaching many consumers, it is not ideal for every business. If your primary target is people over age 55, text message marketing will deliver very limited results. For high dollar purchases that typically require research, text messaging may also be less effective. However, if you are looking to offer great deals and appeal to impulse buying, text message mobile marketing is definitely the way to go.

In today’s world, instant gratification is a big draw. No other marketing solution brings you the kind of instant gratification that text messaging can. Explore the possibilities it offers for your business today!


Caitlyn Terrian is a web content specialist who writes on a variety of topics including Internet marketing, HughesNet Gen4 and rural business needs.

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