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Mobile commerce has experienced exceptional growth over the past couple of years. During this time, we have seen mobile traffic across our network increase from 2% to in excess of 20%. The ticketing sector is one that has really seen growth with the emergence of m-commerce. With a number of advertisers and publishers now with a fully optimized mobile presence, it is a sector that has truly taken advantage of mobile developments. In this post we will look at the trends across this sector focussing on the share of sales through each device as well as the impact on average order values.

Mobile Ticketing in the Performance Channel

As a network we are now seeing a staggering one in every five clicks originating from a mobile device. With consumers regularly turning to mobile in order to access the internet, there have been significant opportunities to capitalize on the growth trend.

In this case study, we examine how event ticketing is a sector that is flourishing as a result of the increase in mobile activity, and provide an overview of the sales by device for the sector, the advertisers that are performing well, and the publishers that are effective at generating sales through mobile devices.



Across the sector as a whole, the share of sales through mobile devices has increased each month, despite a slight drop off in June 2013. Back in June 2012, just 5% of sales were generated through mobile devices, with the majority of these through tablets. Fast forward to May 2013 and 12.5% of sales through the sector were through mobile devices, with almost 7% of all sales through mobile handsets. With advertisers launching mobile optimized sites complete with affiliate tracking, they are primed to take advantage of the increase in mobile traffic.


Average Order Values

Regarding average order value (AOV), consumers are consistently spending more through tablet devices. AOV through mobile handsets is below what has been seen through tablets and desktops, however, there is still strong evidence that consumers are prepared to spend big through mobile handsets—with an AOV in excess of $150 through handsets not being uncommon. Seasonality has an impact on the volatility of AOV depending on when tickets go on sale for certain events.


Publisher Breakdown

Across the sector, certain publishers are succeeding at pulling in mobile sales. While there are certain publishers that feature strongly in both mobile and desktop comparisons, it is evident there are others who are stronger at converting visitors through mobile devices. There are two in particular with a strong mobile presence with optimized sites/apps, making them well positioned to perform within the sector.

Advertiser Specific

Although there is a general growth trend across the sector, some advertisers are over indexing in terms of mobile sales. One of the largest ticketing programs on the network generates a greater proportion of sales through mobile handsets than the average for the sector. With a mobile optimized customer journey in place, these advertisers are primed to convert mobile visitors. This advertiser generated nearly 8% of sales through mobile handsets in June.


Additionally, the brand is also seeing consumers prepared to spend a considerable amount through mobile handsets. AOV across all devices is higher than seen as the average across the sector (being a ticket reseller, AOV tends to be higher) but it is still telling that in excess of $200 is typically spent across mobile handsets.



In summary, ticketing is performing extremely well across mobile devices. With a significant number of publishers operating within the sector having mobile optimized sites/apps, the customer journey is completely optimized for mobile. As a result, advertisers are seeing a large share of sales originating from mobile handsets and consumers are prepared to spend big through these devices. Ticketing advertisers not providing their visitors with mobile optimized sites are certainly missing a trick.

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