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By: Sean Wagner, CEO, Infinite Traffic

Recently, the Relevancy Group surveyed 266 marketers and found that affiliate marketers that were using video in their Email campaigns were generating 40% higher monthly revenue than those who were not. Some 55% of those using video in their Email messages said that they had increased click-through rates, while 24% had lifted conversion rates.

For those not using video, the main reason given was a simple lack of content, cited by 43%. Other factors included the extra costs involved in producing videos, referred to by 27%, and videos not being a priority, named by 24%.

While original video content definitely costs a bit more to produce, it’s proven ability to engage recipients and increase clicks and conversions should easily make it a priority for any Emailer. Not only does it add great content to your message, but it also injects it with some much-needed energy that will encourage users to open your campaign. Take a look at this example—all of the typical offers, text boxes, images, and call to actions are readily available, but the first thing users see is an easily clickable, and entertaining video at the top of the page that is sure to grab their attention.

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 16.27.04

Another great way to include video in your Email campaigns is to make it the main piece of content in your message. This tried and true (and much simpler) format will leave users with no other option but to check out your video, which is proven to drive sales.

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 16.27.23

I am chased all day to run offers and promote different campaigns, but very rarely do people go the extra mile and create something more than a lander and some super simple Email swipes. If a campaign is doing well and you know it’s working, why not try everything possible and create some beautiful Email swipes that convert really well.

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