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By: Dave Bird, CEO, Clickthroo

In this article, I cover 9 broad topics that represent potential easy-wins for improving conversion rates on your landing pages:

  1. Design–Distraction Management
  2. Call to Action
  3. Copywriting
  4. Headline
  5. Images
  6. Videos
  7. Customer Testimonials & Social Proof
  8. Segment Your Traffic
  9. User-experience Analytics

Let me go through each one in turn…

Design—Distraction Management

Having a minimalist design specific to your landing page(s) can be a crucial factor for improving conversion rates. Limiting the choices for the customer to exit the page will mean that you can “funnel” them (why landing pages are often known as “squeeze pages”) down to your call to action. Having distractions littering the page could dilute the viewer’s concentration and lead them to click away from the page, lowering the conversion rate and wasting precious ad-spend. Common practice here is to eliminate side-bars and navigation menus.

See here for examples.



Call to Action

Having a compelling call to action is crucial to converting viewers to your landing page(s). Most of us respond well to being told what to do, and simply laying out what you want from your viewers could be the difference between a successful, effective landing page, and a landing page that won’t convert. Think ahead about what you want from your customers, this could be more than just a sale or “sign up,” and could be something such as a “like,” “tweet,” “pin,” or even an opt-in to an Email marketing list. Think about what you can offer your viewers in exchange for them taking action. For example, a discount coupon, a free e-book or mini video course, or even a free trial of your product.

Find out how to improve your call to action.




This is a big one. Copywriting is the art of salesmanship and persuasion, in written form. Having a landing page with well-written copy can have a huge impact on conversion rates. A good copywriter is worth investing in and can help your conversion rates soar. Whether you like it or not, your page copy is a mini sale; you are selling the idea of taking the action (social media interaction, email signup, etc) to your viewer. So you should make sure you are doing it effectively.


This is similar to copywriting and any good copywriter worth their salt will tell you the importance of a good headline. The headline is there to attract the viewer to the benefits of your product or service and to get them to continue reading down the page. A good headline can motivate your customer to scroll down the page and read your content or watch a video. Adversely, an uninspiring headline will often limit the chances of potential customers being interested in your landing page, reaching your offer and taking action. You only get one chance to make a first impression!


Humans are incredibly visual creatures. Images and illustrations will almost always help to improve conversion rates, provided that they are relevant and do not clutter the page. Simple infographics are a good way to get your viewer’s attention and can be a good way to integrate visuals with a call to action into the landing page. Again, split-testing images can produce drastic uplift when it comes to landing page conversion rates.


Videos are an extremely effective way of converting viewers into customers and provide a whole new level of customer interaction. Videos can be funny, informative, interesting, and useful, all of which can create more of an emotional connection for the viewer. Videos can also include customer testimonials which can drive conversions through the roof.

Including a call to action in the video is an excellent idea; being told what to do by an actual person over audio can really increase the rate of conversion, especially if you enthusiastically explain your product and what the customers are getting in return for their action. Keep your videos short, sweet and to the point. Videos can be very effective but if they are too long, they can cause customers to get bored and leave your website.

Click here to see 10 landing pages that convert customers like crazy by using video.


Customer Testimonials

Offering customer testimonials on your landing page can dramatically increase conversions. For a customer, this is “social proof” and shows that others have reached a desired outcome by using your product or service, etc. Reverse the risk and any feelings of doubt the viewers have about taking action on your page and you could see massive improvements.

Always verify testimonials with a photograph or company logo and a link to the persons website or social profiles to add credibility.

Segment Your Traffic

Before writing a single word for your landing page, think about who this page is for. Make sure that the content on the page is relevant to what the viewer wants to see. Think about drilling down into your target market and picking sub-niches to promote to individually so that you can target the content for that specific crowd of people. For example, if you run a website selling dog products, then it’s probably not the best idea to run a landing page promoting cat products to your customers. Give the viewers what they want!

See my post on the importance of traffic segmentation HERE.

User Experience Analytics

The assessment of user behavior can be an important way to track the habits and movements of the viewers to your landing pages. Google analytics is a free option that provides a degree of generic information for you in the beginning, but as you progress, upgrading to a more user-journey orientated paid solution such as clicktale or crazyegg, that use advanced technology such as heat maps, can help you pinpoint exactly where viewers are clicking—or not, as the case may be. This can be vital if you are split testing different factors on your page.


Maximizing landing page conversion rates is a science and should be achieved through an ongoing course of split testing, breaking your traffic into segments, and serving the most appropriate content for each segment (and then split testing within each segment).

Traffic can be very expensive, so it makes more sense to squeeze every last drop of value from each visitor rather than the common mistake of achieving conversions through spending more and more on advertising whilst achieving relatively low conversion rates.

Good Luck!

Dave Bird is the CEO of Clickthroo (@clickthroo), a landing page marketing solution that allows marketers to easily build self-optimizing landing pages and then show personalized content to each landing page visitor based on who they are and what they are looking for. The platform is primarily used by advertisers, agencies, and affiliate marketers.

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