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By: Sean Wagner, CEO,  Infinite Traffic

Experian, one of the biggest data companies in the world, just released a study showing that geographic location and time of day play massively important roles when it comes to affiliate offers. Ultimately, the study claims that the success of your affiliate offer relies on the country that you’re in, and suggests that you should schedule your campaigns accordingly.

One of the findings of Experian’s study was that the optimal time for brands to send offers is 10:30 AM on Monday mornings. However, US shoppers are apparently more engaged—i.e. more likely to open and click—over the weekend. Conversely, Experian’s report says that shoppers in other countries, such as France and India, are more likely to respond during the week. And, while we do love to read and examine such study’s, its also still very important to do testing yourself—our 15 years in the Email genre shows that weekdays tend to be our biggest earners, but at the end of the day, it also depends on the type of offer, the ISP, and the data being used.

Experian’s study also notes that the growth of smartphones in the US has made consumers more susceptible to Email over the weekend, a trend that will, presumably, grow around the world. Despite Experian’s statistics, my personal experience is that there are definitely certain offers that perform better during the week versus the weekend, and vise versa. It’s important to split test to figure out what is a good weekday or weekend offer and which can work any day of the week in order to get solid revenues.

Another talking point of Experian’s study is the holiday season—a season that continues to see big e-commerce sales. Experian found that 28% of all Emails were sent during the holiday period. So what does that mean for affiliates? Well for one, it means that there is stiff competition for getting into the inbox around Christmas, but on the other hand, if you know the popular products being promoted, you can jump on board and promote those products as well.

What have you found as the best times to Email?  We personally begin our delivery around 8am EST, but of course, many sends can also take 24+ hours and we must let those run their course. Regardless of the offer, we still see the worst “conversion” or earning hours to be 11pm-4am EST, but if the delivery still goes out, many of those consumers will check those Emails the next morning and as such will still get conversions.

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