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With the announcement of hashtags, Facebook Graph Search has become an innovative and extraordinarily helpful new marketing tool. By allowing marketers to truly hone in on users’ personal preferences and interests, it creates a more targeted, more enjoyable, and ultimately more successful ad experiences. But, since all of these features are so new, learning how to the best utilize them is an integral part of your online marketing success. So, here to give us some insight and tips on how to successfully use Facebook’s Graph Search is SEO consultant Deepak Jha.

By: Deepak Jha, SEO Consultant,

Introducing Facebook Graph Search:

Recently Facebook launched a new feature named Facebook Graph Search; it shows exceptional and personalized results because all of the results are based on your own searches in your natural language rather than a list of links. It was launched by Facebook in March 2013. It is a Facebook owned page which focuses on users interests and enables the users to explore the world using friend’s photos. It combines the data of over one billion users and external data into a search engine thus providing user-specific search results.

Features of Facebook Graph Search:

Facebook Graph Search utilizes the concept of relevancy when a user searches for something. It uses the natural way of communicating to make searching more reasonable and return the right results. It was announced by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, that the Facebook Graph Search algorithm finds information from within a user’s network of friends.

Advantages of Facebook Graph Search for Small Businesses:

It has been said that Facebook Graph Search can help over 13 million small businesses get discovered. With this option, users can search for local businesses that their friends like. It holds a firm emphasis on local searching instead of brand pages, as more people are inclined towards local business rather than global. Thus, business now must analyze and keep updating their pages so that they can get more and more customer base and recognition. Now, “Likes” are more important for a business as they are are more relevant to them.


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Advantages of Facebook Graph Search For Users:

Search results are based on the relationships between users and their friends. Results are based on the friends and their interests, which are expressed on Facebook and are also restricted from seeing some content. They are also able to view relevant content that is publicly available; this feature is meant to promote users to add more friends in quick time. Graph searches are personalized for users almost like a newsfeed to them. Thus, it gives users the ability to search through Facebook’s vast field of data through natural language.

Sensational Tips To Be Successful With Facebook Graph Search:

  1. A Fully Customized Business Page: Fill out all the details you in your page edit section, including your website URL, your mission, company details, etc. (Note: use your important keywords while filling this information).
  2. URL Customization: We all know that Facebook gives us string URLs, which isn’t necessarily good for business, in my opinion. Try to customize your page URL with easy to remember words like your business name.
  3. Business Name: Your business name is a really important factor when it comes to ranking in Google and Graph Search. Your name should be unique and simple for users to understand what your business is. (Note: Don’t use bunch of keywords in your name—if you do, it will negatively impact your rankings.)
  4. Ratings: Ask for ratings from the users who have used your services. The more positive reviews and good ratings you get, the better your business’ rankings will be, helping generate more business leads.

Thus, in conclusion, Facebook Graph Search is a very innovative idea that has already gone viral. It has moved search query a step further and hopes to make searches more relevant and exact, thus helping people around the globe to explore Facebook in a new way.

Deepak Jha is an SEO consultant, who currently maintains his personal blog that discusses SEO tips, techniques, and Google Updates. You can follow Deepak on Twitter, or connect with him on Google+ or Linkedin.

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