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There’s no doubt about it, the inclusion of hashtags on Facebook opens up an entirely new channel for performance marketers to reach potential customers. And, it allows marketers to be more customized, more targeted, and more relevant than ever before. But, while hashtags are definitely a game changer for online marketers, there are proper ways to use them—overusing or irrelevantly using hashtags can actually result in a worse fate than not using them at all. So, here with TheMail to offer up some guidelines, tips, and tricks for using hashtags on Facebook is Post Planner CEO Joshua Parkinson.

By: Joshua Parkinson, Founder & CPK (Customer Pain Killer) at Post Planner

The famous—and sometimes infamous—hashtags have finally made their way to Facebook.

To use the feature, it’s important to first understand it. Hashtags, which were first made popular on Twitter, Google+, and Instagram, are the result of attaching a # “hash” symbol on the front of a word. The idea is to use them to group together similar messages or conversations.

For marketers on Facebook, they present yet another opportunity to increase the reach of fan page posts while also leading and tracking conversation on a specific topic.

Here are a few ways to make use of the new feature on Facebook:

  1. Plan your campaigns and content around key topics and ideas that resonate with either a very broad audience or a very niche audience. Facebook Graph search emphasizes broad topics, such as cycling, but using the Hashtag #TourDeFrance when posting about cycling will get your posts more exposure in targeted conversations and thus garner more relevant fans.
  2. Start your own hashtag and ask your fans to use it. Sometimes the best way to be a part of something is to start it yourself! Create a catchy hashtag and ask your fans to use it in their own posts as well as sharing the posts you use it in. Make sure the hashtag is easy to spell and remember! It should be something that can apply in multiple contexts. #Firstworldproblems is a great example!
  3. Don’t overuse hashtags. There is no need to have them in every post or to hashtag every word in a post. Be strategic and definitely don’t hijack popular hashtags that have nothing to do with your brand or post. A great rule of thumb is use hashtags in 30-40% of your posts. That number will give you plenty of opportunities to use them, but also make you think twice about when and how you use them.
  4. Hashtag trending content. If you post an update or share an item on your fan page and it’s related to a very popular topic of the day/week, use that opportunity to reach a larger audience on the coattails of a hot ticket subject. Again, just be sure that it’s relevant.

Here’s a great example of well used hashtag. Musician Chris Tomlin tags his tour in this post—a smart tactic because it’s both branded and laser focused on his business.


Joshua Parkinson is Founder & CPK (Customer Pain Killer) at His specialties include troublemaking, jedi mind tricks, simplicity mongering, catching extremely quick desert lizards, Googling things, crushing the boxes people think outside of, and degrading energy.

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