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By: Sean Wagner, CEO, Infinite Traffic

A new study by ExactTarget found that Canadian consumers were most likely to make a purchase from Email marketing campaigns. The study also found that Email advertising was almost twice as likely to convert in comparison to Facebook or Twitter. 44% of consumers said that they had made a purchase after receiving an Email advertisement from a list they had subscribed to, and 89% of consumers reported checking Email at least once daily. This compares to 24% of consumers on Facebook who have made a purchase after receiving a marketing message on Facebook.

Interestingly, 48% of 18-34 year olds reported checking Facebook compulsively, so keep in mind that the younger your target audience is, the more viable Facebook becomes as a marketing tool. However, despite the rise of social media, 75% of marketers still think that Email marketing is the most effective tool for customer engagement, and most of them still put it ahead of SMS as a marketing method.

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One thought on “93% Of Canadians Respond To Email Marketing

  1. Email marketing wins without a doubt mostly because you are able to engage the prospect in a way that builds them up to making the purchase. There is just something magical about having an email sales funnel process that consists of squeeze page, one time offer, then email sequence.

    And with this new data you have posted here Canada is definitely about to hear from me!

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