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By: Nicholas Fiorentino, Founder & CMO,

While testing and keeping a fresh rotation of offers is an affiliate standard, we all have our “tried and true” offers that we plan to drop at least a couple times per week. You know, that bread and butter offer that always converts like wildfire and has low complaints? Yup, that one.

As the Founder & Chief Marketing Officer of the HelloTotem offer, when I put my advertiser hat on I want to build a rounded marketing strategy. I focus on segmenting my traffic sources based on intent as well as anticipated cost per conversion and expectancy of how well the traffic will back out. I also deploy a strategy that, as an Email affiliate, I was forgetting to carry over. Retargeting!

Email marketers focus on building an incredible asset in their opener/clicker files, however, we tend to forget that these openers represent a greater level of intent than they initially did prior to receiving your message. As such, for the offers which I plan to continue running I develop retargeting campaigns using Perfect Audience on both Content & Facebook (note: the offers must have metrics that would justify the higher CPCs that a retargeting campaign calls for). Simply grab the retargeting pixel and place it in the body of your email. As emails are opened and images are enabled, your user will be added into the cookie pool.

If you’re thinking about giving it a shot, here are some suggestions:

  1. Make sure the offer has a chance of financially making sense. The greatest success I have had is with Totem; the typical payout is $20, and we drive a retargeting CPA of about $8 with a CPC of ~$1.00. Do that same calculation prior to generating a campaign using an expected CPC of $1.00. Divide $1.00 by your expected conversion rate. If it is less than your payout…you’ve got a potential winner!
  2. Don’t use vague subject lines if you plan to add openers to the cookie pool. Subjects such as “Your iPhone is Worth $200+ – Sell Now!” are opened by users that are genuinely interested in the concept and are great for capturing intent. With that said, if you are using less-specific subject lines in an attempt to get opens, I would not waste your retargeting dollars on these users.
  3. Track EVERYTHING. Make sure your Sub ID’s are different for each version of the campaign and relative to the iteration of the email the user originally received. Dialing in retargeting campaigns is essential, particularly after hitting profitability and increasing ROI.
  4. Leverage Perfect Audience or whichever retargeting company you choose. They are often very helpful in creating winning campaigns. Furthermore, be sure to add pressure on them to reduce the CPCs. They tack a margin on top of the price they buy them for; make sure they understand your metrics and get you profitable!

Best of luck to you! If at any time you want to follow up with any additional questions, I can be reached at or on Skype “nickyfiorentino.”

Nicholas Fiorentino is the Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of, an exciting startup that buys back used and broken iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices from consumers and businesses. Nicholas also is an avid affiliate, active both in Display and Email marketing.

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4 thoughts on “Are You Maximizing Your Email Campaign ROI?

  1. great article Nick. More mailers need to take advantage of Re-targeting. Esp. with the breadth they have with DSP/RTB’s and companies like Adroll. Squeeze all the dollars you can out of those drops, forever and ever.

  2. Thanks gents! Morgan AdRoll actually isn’t doing email retargeting (yet) otherwise they would’ve been whom I recommended! They claim you can’t simply embed their pixel but I haven’t tested it to verify whether or not it’s true…

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    Many thanks!

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