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By: Jonathan Treiber, CEO, RevTrax

In today’s multi-screen marketing environment, it is important to deliver marketing messages to consumers in their digital space. Since we know that no one is tethered to a desktop any longer, targeting consumers on their mobile devices allows marketers to deliver messages to consumers on-the-go, from a consumer’s pocket, purse or briefcase, and drive them into brick and mortar stores. Measuring these mobile engagements through to an in-store sale allows affiliates to attribute revenue and allows marketers to quantify ROI.

As marketing budgets increasingly shift to digital, connecting online engagement to offline revenue is top-of-mind for brand marketers. Enabling mobile offers broadens the scope of the potential in-store engagement, without sacrificing measurable ROI and revenue attribution. Attributing online and in-store sales from the initial digital engagement (printable and mobile), to the specific SKU-level purchase, allows marketers to maximize media spend by tracking engagement points and investing in the most profitable strategy.

Making an additional investment in a mobile-friendly experience for smartphones and tablets expands program potential by meeting consumers at the engagement point of their choice. Mobile-enabled offers also give advertisers and publishers the opportunity to target consumers closer to the point of purchase. Utilizing affiliate offers combined with geo-targeting is an effective way to boost campaign performance. Since consumers have been slow to adopt a round-trip m-commerce purchasing approach, delivering offers on mobile provides a unique opportunity to close the sale. By connecting mobile engagements to in-store sales, retailers can quantify consumer action while driving them to buy instead of browse. Imagine consumers walking into a store and being served a mobile offer through an app, or on a mobile website, as they walk through the doors. That offer will cut time to purchase by more than half compared to printable offers and increase transaction size.

Maybe most importantly, adding a cross device in-store component to an existing online affiliate program has been shown to produce incremental revenue, with the mobile component providing a significant boost in traffic. Insights from a long-running in-store performance marketing program with a national apparel retailer drove $20 million in revenue over 12 months across 60 publishers, averaging $15 in revenue per click across both printable and mobile engagements. 25% of total traffic for the program originated with a smartphone or tablet engagement. The significant lift in engagement from the mobile experience shows the added strength that cross-device marketing strategies bring to advertisers’ performance marketing programs. The addition of mobile engagement also boosts interaction with publisher sites and mobile apps, further raising incremental revenues and earnings per click for publishers running in-store offers.

Have you incorporated mobile into your programs? And if not, what’s holding you back?

Jonathan Treiber is CEO and co-founder of RevTrax, an enterprise promotions platform used by brands and retailers to drive and measure in-store sales.

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