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By: Farhad Divecha, Managing Director,

Growth in mobile device usage continues to soar, not just in North America and Europe, but globally. There are more tablets and smartphones sold each day and mobile has already overtaken the desktop and laptop as the dominant computing medium.

Businesses are starting to realize the absolute requirement (it is no longer a choice) to address the medium and build a marketing strategy around it. Many e-commerce sites that target mobile suitably find over 25% of their traffic comes from that medium. Even traditional businesses that took a long time to make the transition to online now find that 10-15% of their client base access their site via mobile.

What should businesses do, then, to maximize their mobile marketing efforts?

  1. Diversify—There are lots of different ad formats and organic search points of presence that marketers can use to target mobile users, and it is a good idea to use as many of these as feasible. Advertisers can try mobile search, display, click-to-call, in-app ads, click-to-download ads, mobile interstitials and so on. SEOs can try  local strategies, app optimization and mobile video optimization in addition to optimisng their mobile sites.
  2. Target—Mobile audiences typically react better to marketing that has been specifically targeted to them. For example, advertisers could rely on Google AdWords to automatically place their ads on both desktop and mobile. However, they will see much higher returns when they start using mobile specific extensions such as the ability to click to call or download.
  3. Differentiate—The ability to target by device can give certain advertisers a huge degree of flexibility in the message they promote to users of specific devices or operating systems. A simple example would be Android game developers targeting Android users only. Or retailers promoting their transactional mobile site to iPad users but a phone number to iPhone users because they might have found users to be less likely to type in credit card details into a phone.
  4. Test—There is no silver bullet to mobile marketing success. It is important for marketing professionals to test what works for their business, eliminate or improve what doesn’t work and then further test what works to fine tune it and maximize performance. It is also important not to sit tight once you’ve found what works because the eco-system and its users are forever evolving.
  5. Innovate—While competition on mobile isn’t as tough as it is on the desktop space, those who innovate always yield better results. The need to innovate on mobile is also more important because of the limited screen estate, which means that there are only a few opportunities to be seen and if you don’t stand out, you could easily be missed.

The great thing about mobile is that even though it’s such a huge market, it is still evolving and growing and marketers are still figuring out the best way to make it work for their business. The best thing for any marketer, therefore, is to dive right in and start promoting their business to find out what works best for them.

Farhad Divecha is the managing director of He is a recognized authority in the fields of search and mobile marketing and has more than 15 years Internet marketing experience. Farhad is a regular speaker at mobile industry conferences.

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