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Quality Unit is a privately owned software development and technology company specializing in web based products, as well as information systems designed for mid- to large-sized companies. Quality Unit has developed a number of products that are dedicated to helping digital marketers maximize their potential and here to expand upon the company and its products is co-founder Viktor Zeman.

Tell me more about Quality Unit?

Quality Unit is a privately owned company that’s been bootstrapped since 2004 with the use of our own capital. We have 10 developers and 10 full-time support agents working on Quality Unit products. We’ve been oriented on the development of affiliate software—Post Affiliate Pro and Network—but once we had more than 20,000 customers we realized that providing quality support to those customers is one of the most important elements in success. At that time, there was a help desk solution which could fulfill our needs, but now we use our own multi-channel customer care software called Live Agent.

What features make Quality Unit stand out?

Our products have many unique features, but what truly differentiates us is that we not only offer cloud-based solutions as most of our competitors, but also the option to download and install our software customer’s own servers. Many customers are not allowed to store sensitive data in a cloud owned by someone else, and our solution allows them to build e.g. affiliate network or own help desk center on their own hardware locked safely in-house.

Who are some of the brands that use you and why?

We have signed NDA’s with most of the big brands, thus we cannot publish their names. During the years, our software has been installed in all types of industries, starting from small one man e-shops, to big portals selling all kinds of products. Very often you can find it on websites selling services (, financial products (e.g. Forex), books (, holidays or flight tickets (, or even in the porn industry (,, etc.). A few years ago, we tried to have all our customer logos on one page and it generated an HTML page few miles long.

Why would someone chose you over HasOffers or GetCake?

The majority of our customers chose our platform because of our exceptional support, which we try to deliver to each of our customers. It doesn’t matter if they order the software for $9 or $9,999.
We have been on the market since 2004 and our products are under constant development, which leads into a wide range of features and flexibility of setup for every kind of affiliate program. Additionally, we are also flexible with our licensing model, which allows us to offer also downloadable licenses installed on customer’s servers.

What is on your roadmap?

Post Affiliate Pro is very strong in terms of affiliate marketing features, but we received feedback from smaller customers, that it is sometimes complicated to get started. Therefore in the next few months we plan to improve design and simplify some workflows.

What do you see as the future of affiliate marketing and what are you doing to shape it?

Affiliate marketing is more and more connected with mobile devices and it will just grow. Therefore, we are improving ways to track sales or leads on mobile devices. E.g. we had already more successful implementations of tracking sales of mobile applications sold through iTunes or Google Play stores. We expect that the demand in this segment will grow significantly in the future.

What other great tools do you see out there for affiliate marketing people?

I like the monitoring service developed by Peter Koning and his friend. It is not widely used yet, but I’m sure some big brands need this service urgently. It can save merchants quite a lot of commissions generated by fraudulent affiliates trying to steal traffic by typo domains.

How can people contact you?

For customer support, we use our multi-channel customer support software called Live Agent, therefore our customers can contact us easily by email, chat, phone, forum, contact forms, Facebook or Twitter—we monitor all these support channels 24/7.


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Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands is an online marketing industry veteran, and the founder of TheMail.

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Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands is an online marketing industry veteran, and the founder of TheMail.

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