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By: Sean Wagner, CEO, Infinite Traffic

Sean Wagner is the CEO of, an “Invite Only” CPA network specializing in offers for Email affiliates. Today, Sean is here with TheMail to share his top five tips for Email marketers, so whether you’re a Email marketing rookie or a tried and true veteran, check out Sean’s tips and let us know what you think in the comments.

1. Clean Your Data

There is no excuse for sending Emails to addresses that bounce. If you’re starting with a new list, make sure that you clean it well before you start sending Email offers. High bounce rates will ruin your IP addresses, as well as your reputation with your Email Service Provider. We recommend using Bulldog Media for cleaning your Email list.

2. Make It Easy To Unsubscribe

Make it very easy to unsubscribe from your Emails and do not lock people in. You should have a clear unsubscribe link in your messages—make it a text link, not an image link. If you make it hard to find the link or difficult to unsubscribe, recipients are much more likely to mark it as spam and complain.

3. Stay Up To Date With Screamers

Screamers are Email recipients that don’t just mark your Email as spam, they actively complain. No one wants to send these people Emails. The good news is there are groups such as where you can share your screamers and find other people’s screamers and remove them from your Email list before you even get started.

4. Test On Mobile Phones

Larger Email affiliates are seeing up to 46% of their messages being opened on mobile phones. Do you know what your emails look like on a mobile phone? Can you even open and read your content on a mobile phone? Even more important, do the links work well on a mobile phone? If you are not testing your Emails on a mobile device, you could well be missing out on half of your potential traffic!

5. It’s All About Great Offers

Once you’ve made it into a recipient’s inbox and have grabbed their attention, having great offers with good creative that converts well is the difference between making money and failing. Seed your competitors’ mailing lists with test Emails of your own. Find affiliate networks that specialize in working with Email publishers and ask them what the top performing offers are at the moment.


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