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We keep hearing about the significance of the mobile space and the impending mobile commerce takeover. So, it’s fitting that TheMail’s latest interview is with MobiHype CEO Owen Rupchand, who is here to weigh in on the mobile debate.MobiHype is a digital, full-service marketing provider for advertisers, agencies, app developers, and publishers that has only one goal in mind—to help maximize their clients’ ROI. So, to stay consistent with that mission, MobiHype is looking to the app space to further their clients’ business, and CEO Owen Rupchand is leading the charge.

Who are you and how did you get started in performance marketing? 

My name is Owen Rupchand, I am the CEO of MobiHype. I got started a little over five years ago in performance marketing and I fell in love with the industry and the people involved. The thrill of creating a network from scratch and turning it into a successful business where we can create jobs, help others build businesses, and establish brands is something that I have excelled with. Based out of Toronto, Canada as well as Clermont, Florida, I have helped a couple networks establish themselves with longevity in the industry.

What are you best known for and why?

I would say that I am best known for running the CPA Ad Network Super Affiliate Media. Some would say I was known as the Incent guy or EDU guy, as those were the main verticals we excelled with. Others would say Canadian Guy.

What is hot with you right now?

Right now we are doing very well in the mobile space. I started in the mobile ad space about three years ago, where I was able to see that mobile was going to be the way of the future on all fronts. We started with mobile web content and that now has developed in to CPI apps for Android and iOS.

Advertisers are leaning heavily on the CPI method and creating more budgets for the annual mobile ad spend. We have over 250 million impressions monthly from our in house media buying team, and we are focused on CPI with our own in-house built apps.

What are your 5 tips for publishers?

Advice for any publisher, the main tip I would give them is do your research and be patient; you need to do a lot of offer testing. You won’t become a millionaire overnight with 1 offer; you need to test multiple campaigns in multiple verticals.

  1. Find a niche market—have a product or service that people need or want.
  2. Do your market research.
  3. Find several traffic sources.
  4. Test small.
  5. Engage with your clients and customers on social media.

Last but not least get in contact with me.

If you were to bet on one thing for the future right now what would it be and why?

I would bet on mobile—it can’t be stopped at the moment. People want their information and they want it on the go. Look at desktops and laptops, they’re going to be a thing of the past. Mobile ad spends are just in the starting phases and it’s a learning curve; get in now while it is still early stages of development.

Who do you admire in the industry and why?

There are a lot of people in the industry that I admire. I don’t want to name names, but to be honest it is not the fly by HASOFFERS networks that are created overnight, it is the guys who have been in the industry for a long period and have sustained themselves through all the changes. The young 20-year old that is going to open a network and be cocky, flashing his money around, thinking he has the life made, won’t make it far. It’s the humble people that make it.

Who are you trying to connect with and why should they work with you?

We are always on the lookout for new advertisers and publishers. We look for honesty and integrity in the people we work with. We have too much to offer for me to list here, but drop me a line and I will be glad to chat directly with anyone who would like to learn about the mobile industry or to learn why MobiHype is their mobile ad choice.

Who else do you think TheMail should interview and why?

Such a hard question; I would have to say one of the pioneers from the industry like Gurbaksh Chahal.

If people want to reach you what is the best way of contacting you?

You can always reach me by Email at owen[at], or IM at mobihypeowen.

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Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands is an online marketing industry veteran, and the founder of TheMail.

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Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands is an online marketing industry veteran, and the founder of TheMail.

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