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The Mail Online- Daily News, Affiliate Marketing News, Advice and Tutorials

There’s no doubt that the mobile marketing space is the next frontier of digital marketing. And while there is obviously money to be made within that space, actually doing it has proven to be quite the challenge for advertisers and publishers alike. Here to speak about the inherent challenges of mobile marketing and his experience in the affiliate marketing industry is Alex Genadinik, the founder of

The goal of the Problemio site and mobile apps is “to help entrepreneurs create stronger companies that succeed.” Over the course of four separate apps, Problemio helps coach businesses through “general business fundamentals,” focusing on “business planning, fundraising, marketing the business, and making sure that there is a right business idea to founder match.” The apps also offer live help as well as numerous articles on starting and growing a business. So, without further delay, here is Alex Genadinik’s advice on mobile marketing as well as his perspective on the current state of affiliate marketing within the mobile sphere.

By: Alex Genadinik,

I currently run a number of mobile apps on and I have experimented with and still run a number of affiliate programs. Since
 my apps are business related, the affiliate programs I work with include website creation services and loan providers.

The apps are some of the top-rated business-starting apps across Android 
and iOS. Last time I checked, they were in the Top 100 business apps on both iOS and
 Android, and all the apps were ranked 4.6 out of 5.0 or higher in the app stores. I can share my experience—failures and successes—with affiliates in depth, and
 share statistics as well.

Here are some real world things I’ve learned from my apps:

  1. The biggest tip is actually that affiliate links work much worse on mobile phones than on tablets, and tablets work worse than the web. Here’s why—when a person has to engage in a complex action like filling out a form or entering a credit card to buy something, or anything else, they often put down the phone or tablet and go to the laptop with a keyboard and a bigger screen to perform that action. Because of this, the referral link is lost because there is no cookie on the laptop that says this user came from the affiliate link, so the app developer does not get the credit.
  2. Another word of caution is not to be aggressive with the affiliate program. If an app developer is aggressive on the web, people who don’t like that just leave the site. But on mobile, users will leave bad reviews, and bad reviews correlate directly to less downloads for the app. So, the app developer actually makes less money from the fewer downloads moving forward.
  3. The way to affiliates on mobile correctly is:
  • Don’t be aggressive with it
  • Make sure the affiliate action is what the users really need
  • Make sure the affiliate action is simple to do so users don’t have to switch to the computer
  • Rely on volume of app downloads to make up for poorly performing affiliate links


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