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By: Mike Carney, President of,

For those who have been in the cost per acquisition, affiliate, or performance marketing industry for a few years, there has always been a sense that you were somehow part of a revolution. Not a revolution where you live in the forest or storm the castle, but one where there’s a desire to never work in a glass tower, wear a suit, beige khakis, or have to have a work-to-live type of job—punch in at 9 AM, punch out at 5 PM.

Instead it’s been jeans, remote workers, loud t-shirts, tattoos, midnight meetings rather than quiet lunches, and the focus on treating every day like a money day. Living to work, not working to live—life is short, you have to love the work that you do.

That kind of passion has turned Performance Marketing into over a $4-billion industry with 200,000 affiliate publishers and 5,000 advertisers (, one that continues to grow by 17% a year. That level of growth has fueled a necessity to find and land more talented employees for companies across the industry. The war for talent is on, as there is a scarcity for experienced business development, affiliate management, creative, technical, and support staff. In most cases, available talent is scooped up within 2-4 weeks and the candidate now has choices of where to go.

Answering that talent need has come in many forms. In previous years, recruitment of staff would just be one of the many hats that the owners or VPs would wear. Now, those same individuals have seen that their time is better spent guiding the money train, creating content and new products vs. pitching coal to fuel the speed of their train. If you ask most successful leaders what they would have done differently, most would say hire sooner, delegate and outsource earlier.

This brings us to 2013. We are no longer in the revolution phase of performance marketing; instead, we are now enjoying the evolution phase. Very quickly, our industry has evolved to a point where recruitment is now being handled by hired human resource professionals, outsourced to new search firms and head hunters who specialize in the performance marketing industry. Plus, new niche focused careers site are being leveraged.

Beige khakis are still not in fashion, but some of the best practices of running a business are. Entrepreneurs are no longer paddling rowboats; they have now evolved their businesses into multi-million dollar corporate level companies. Not glass towers yet, but at least there are glasses in the kitchen instead of Dixie cups.

For candidates, their evolution has started as well. With so much at stake for employers, candidates are now starting to update their LinkedIn profiles with specialities, responsibilities, and accomplishments, and cleaning up their social media profiles—yes, even Facebook. Why? Well, if you ran a multi-million dollar business, would you risk your company’s financial future on someone with a crazy profile or on an Internet troll?

Welcome to the evolution!

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